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Every student receives one on one attention. You are not a number, and we know numbers. We work with each person individually and at their pace. It makes all of the difference.


Who We Help

Math Nuts works with high school/home school (8th-12th) kids who need help learning a specific math subject or possibly preparing for entrance exams to college. We also work with college students (Algebra up through Trigonometry). Finally, we have an affinity for adults who are re-entering into a new career or other life situation where they need to refresh on a math course possibly learn a new subject. 

Courses We Cover

Math Nuts helps with courses ranging from Algebra through Trig/Pre-Calc. and we get you ready for your college math placement test (Accuplacer). We also prepare students for math standardized tests: SAT, ACT, GRE, GED, GMAT, Hesi & Praxis and more.

Why Math Nuts

In today's business-minded world, that love for the trade seems to have been lost. Our passion is helping people succeed. It is not cliche. We truly have passion for our students. It matters to us. All of our tutoring is with a single student - one at a time. It limits our capacity, but it accomplishes our mission to make a difference in lives.

Our Experience

We have more than two decades' worth of tutoring experience and have even taught at colleges like Red Rocks Community College. We first got into tutoring in 1985. Our results are proven, and we make learning more enjoyable, which improves your progress. Even other professors recommend us!  

Ready to Get Started?

Math Nuts takes on only so many students at a time. We give full attention to your progress. The ideal way to begin is for you to schedule your first two-hour session. We work together and evaluate the fit. After the first meeting, we mutually decide on how to progress further. And, to insure that we both have skin in the game, we give you one of those two hours free. We are both invested. Call (720) 507-8909 or push the yellow button.


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